‘Adinkra Republic’ promises to support Autism campaign

Mr Agyeman Senkyire, Founder of Luxury menswear and accessory line, ‘Adinkra Republic’ has pledged to donate a percentage of proceeds from sales of his apparels to the Autism Foundation.

He made this known yesterday during a VIP launch event which took place at La Villa Boutique, Accra to unveil ‘Adinkra Republic’brand.

“Our socks are colorful for a reason; we support Autism. Research has it that one in 20 kids in Ghana has Autism. But that figure may actually be understated because Most kids that are affected with the ailment mostly do not diagnose early or go through the inspection program for them to be documented.” He bemoaned

He added that this touched his heart to give back to Autism. Thus his partnership with the Alexis Miranda Foundation to donate 10% of proceeds made off sales.

In an interview with livefmghana.com The founder highlighted the brand’s vision which is to share with the world the rich and deep roots of wisdom by incorporating the Adinkra symbols into their everyday lives.

“The Adinkra symbols express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of the Ashanti tribe. They mostly have rich proverbial meanings since proverbs play an important role in the Ashanti culture. The use of Proverbs is considered a mark of wisdom… and we liked that.”

“Each pair of Adinkra Republic socks is designed with an explanation of the symbols in an inspirational quote that reminds you to stay true to the symbol’s true definition. We differentiate ourselves by bringing you a colorful design product, with the highest quality, creativity and craftsmanship.”

“Our socks combine comfort, quality and style, with vibrant designs. Adinkra Republic features wide-ranging designs inspired by the Adinkra Symbols.” He concluded.

Adinkra Republic socks are available for purchase through their website and by direct order via social media or contacting their Ghana operations line on 0558757137.

For more details, visit www.adinkrarepublic.com.

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