Adinkra Republic Launched In Accra


Adinkra are visual symbols that represent concepts and maxims with deep traditional significance and which give expression to the tremendous intellectual prowess of the indigenous African before the advent of Western education.

The varied Adinkra symbols espouse and highlight the philosophical underpinnings of African traditional cultural beliefs and practices, including the existence and supremacy of God, unity in diversity, as well as the concept of power and authority.

It is therefore not surprising that Luxury Menswear and accessory line, Adinkra Republic, has launched and out-doored its premium line of culturally-inspired men’s socks in Accra. 

Origin And History

Founder of Adinkra Republic, Agyeman Senkyire, said the brand’s vision is to share with the world the rich and deep roots of wisdom by incorporating symbols into their everyday lives.

“The Adinkra symbols express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of the Ashanti tribe. They mostly have rich proverbial meanings since proverbs play an important role in the Ashanti culture. The use of Proverbs is considered a mark of wisdom… and we liked that.

“Each pair of Adinkra Republic socks is designed with an explanation of the symbols in an inspirational quote that reminds you to stay true to the symbol’s definition. We differentiate ourselves by bringing you colorful design products, with the highest quality, creativity and craftsmanship,” he indicated. 

According to him, Adinkra socks combine comfort, quality and style, with vibrant designs. Recalling history, he disclosed that a popular traditional leader, King Adinkra, preserved the symbols by engraving them on gourds and later on when he had a golden stool, caused the symbols to be engraved on the solid gold.

Senkyire said it was the Adinkra Golden Stool that resulted in the Asante-Gyaman War that was fought in 1818.

Types Of Adinkra Symbols

The first ever Adinkra symbol, he said, was Bi Nka Bi. This he explained is an expression in the Bono dialect of the Akan language meaning bite not one another. Other known Adinkra symbols are Adinkrahene (Leadership), Akofena (Courage), Hwemudua (Critical Examination), Aya (Endurance), Akoma (Tolerance) and Asase Ye Duru (Divinity).

Others are Ananse Ntontan (Creativity), Bese Saka (Affluence) Akoben (Vigilance), and Mpuannum (Loyalty) and Gye Nyame (Supremacy of God).

The Adinkra Republic Project

To rekindle the use of the Adinkra symbols in modern times, founder Mr Agyeman Senkyire proposed several activities to be held with the establishment of Adinkra Village at localities. 

”We have created products that will make you walk and feel Royal. Each sock comes with a message of inspiration.

”When you wear our brand, you will express on your Adinkra, a theme that relates to the history, belief and the ancient philosophy of the Ashanti Kingdom.

The launch was attended by a host of fashion influencers, industry leaders, musicians and media personnel. Within the cozy cove of La Villa Boutique Hotel, guests were treated to a royal welcome by a versatile cultural troupe and dazzled with a dynamic acrobatics display by gymnasts donning the Adinkra Republic socks.

Attendees were given some of the quality, colorful socks which carried detail of each symbol used.

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