This October, purchase any of our pink socks and we will give 100% of the proceeds to support Breast Cancer Initiative in Africa. 100% of the proceeds will be giving to a partner company to help raise awareness. 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type in women in sub-Saharan Africa, affecting 129 000 women who were newly diagnosed in 2020. In high-
income countries breast cancer has a good prognosis, but in sub-Saharan Africa survival is considerably lower.
In this region, estimates for 5-year survival are near or below 50%, i.e. 1 in 2 women diagnosed with the disease have died within 5 years after diagnosis, compared with fractions in the USA of
1 in 5 for Black women and 1 in 10 for White women. The annual number of women diagnosed with breast cancer
in sub-Saharan Africa is projected to nearly double by 2040, due to population ageing and expansion. This increase
will be even larger if lifestyle and fertility changes are factored in. Women in Africa are having fewer children and are delaying first childbearing. Although these factors have multiple health and socioeconomic benefits for women, they also increase their risk of developing breast cancer in later life.
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