Adinkra Republic – Designed for Royals

Adinkra cloths originated from Ghana, West Africa and dates as far back as 1817. This rich attire were traditionally only worn by royalty and spiritual leaders for funerals and other very special occasions. The Adinkra symbols express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of the Asante. They mostly have rich proverbial meaning since proverbs play an important role in the Asante culture. The use of proverbs is considered a mark of wisdom.

In the past these symbols were hand printed on undyed, red, dark brown or black hand-woven cotton fabric depending on the occasion and the wearer’s role; nowadays they are frequently mass-produced on brighter coloured fabrics and this is what Adinkra Republic has embraced.

The vision of the founder of this impressive venture is “To share with the world his rich and deep roots of wisdom by bringing the Adinkra Symbols to the world”. Adinkra Republic has created a brand to give its cherished customers that royal feeling with each step. Each pair of socks designed by their team of experts is done with an explanation of the symbols in an inspirational quote that reminds you, the wearer, to stay true to the symbol’s true definition. What sets Adinkra Republic apart from competitors, is their ability to bring to the customer a “colourful design product, with the highest quality, creativity and craftsmanship”.

Adinkra Republic features a wide range of models and designs inspired by the Adinkra symbols, using a broad spectrum of color combinations hand-picked by their team of fashion experts. As a proud partner of the GUBA Diaspora card, they offer 15% off all total purchases to cardholders.

Another impressive aspect of this venture is that every pair or sock is made in a bright and colourful way to push towards a common goal. Adinkra Republic donates 10% of their proceeds from purchases to help fund autism projects in the U.S and around the world. This is based on the fact that the founder of this business has a first-hand experience with children on the spectrum.

With Adinkra Republic, 100% of your expectations as a customer is absolutely guaranteed. Their number one priority is to exceed the expectations of every customer. Their world class in-house Customer Satisfaction Team is always available to address and resolve every concern.

When you put on a pair of socks from Adinkra Republic, you will feel and walk like a true royal.

For more information, contact Adinkra Republic on 0019174001069 or send an email to

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